"And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by"

--John Masefield--


I have to agree with Al Placette when he said this is "one of the most beautiful and oft-quoted lines ever penned about sailing and the sea..."

If you have this extreme nostalgic feeling for this ancient art of navigation using the stars and the planets rather than a GPS, then you are not alone. At least I would be another one you can count on to share that feeling. Every time that I got to sail on a 14' dinghy or a 40' yacht, I felt that same feeling as if there was the wind of thousands years of sea going history blowing on my back. I imagined of all the courage, tragedy and triumph that people must had felt as they got lost on the high sea or able to make it to the destination.

This app is created out of a deep admiration for these ancient mariners. It is with the hope that it could help to do a little part in preserving this beautiful art of navigation, and may be, bringing us all a little bit closer to those courageous sea goers centuries before us.

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Advanced Usage


Celestial Navigation Background

History of the Sextant

History of Time Keeping

Skymap Memory Aids

Choose Your Weapons

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The main function of this app is to help you calculate the most likely position.

  Most likely position based on two or more star sightings  


  True north is  at the top of the circle.

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1. GMT time of the observations 2. Star name: SUN, MOON, Polaris, Sirius, Altair, etc. 3. Altitudes of the stars in degrees and minutes 4. Other info

  Star sight input using data from a sextant  

, then the error will average out and you will get a good fix of your position.

  Star sight input using integrated altitude measurement sensor
 To use the integrated sensor for altitude measurement, click on Configure button and check on "Use Device as Sextant".track ball or the volume control buttons

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Here are the main control buttons.    Start to record a star sight. The same function can be activated by pressing on the volume control buttons, or the track ballcalculation will be.  Show the map of all visible stars as seen from the most likely location of your phone or from a manually entered location  . You can change the star map location setting using the star map menu (Starmap screen > Menu > SetLocationStarmap screen > Menu > SetTime). NO LIMB ". 

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User Preference:
Setting Default
Enable Device Sensor as Sextant Input ENABLED
Starmap AP (used assumed position for starmap) DISABLED
Starmap CCW Azimuth DISABLED
Local GMT Offset AutoDetect

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There are a number of features available to support more advanced users. These are: 1. LOP editing:delete the  LOP or edit it to account for ship movement. Menu > LOP). Modification to the LOP based on ship movement can be added via the ship movement data input dialog and Record button. One can also delete an LOP via Deletebutton.

  LOP Editing     

2. Trip editing:  This feature is accessible via Menu > TRIP. A user can organize all the star sight records into groupsactive trip and group to work with using the Config button. Trip and groupMenu > Edit Trip and add a trip called NewYorkToSydneygroupNewYorkToSydney, and 10 groups to hold the star sighting for this trip. Note that using trip and groupsdefaultGroup" under the trip named "defaultTrip"

  Trip Editing

3. Offline map:

In order to download the offline maps for your needs, first install the application Mobile Atlas Creator (MOBAC) on your PC. This is a freely available program available over the net ( http://mobac.sourceforge.net). The program allows you to define a map area, a map source (choose OpenStreetMap mapnik) and an atlas format (choose osmdroid ZIP ). Then you can download the map zip file and place it on your sdcard under the directory /sdcard/osmdroidunzip
  Mobile Atlas Creator      
4. Meridian passage, rise and set time: This feature is accessible via Menu > Meridian.
  Meridian Passage
5. Magnetic variation: This feature is accessible via Menu > GyroError.
  Gyro Error

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A cross-staff.

The majorproblem .

Diagram of sextant


A very nice looking modern sextant.


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John Harrison H1 clock

NIST-F2 clock

Time keeping important dates:

Time Event
3500 BC Egyptian obelisks and sundials
2000 -1500 BC Mayan calendar
1900-1600 BC Stonehenge
400 BC -1600 AD Aztec Calendar
1094 Sung Su's water clock perfected
1583 Galileo discovers pendulum period constancy
1656 Huygens pendulum clock
1736 Harrison H1 chronometer tested at sea
1918 quartz crystal oscillator developed
1944 Essen and Parry start keeping time with cesium atomic clock
1948-49 Lyons develops first atomic clock (ammonia)
1978 First GPS Block 1 satellite launched
1993 GPS declared operational and GPS clock available world wide

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The Big Dipper:

Big Dipper Sky Map

The Orion:

Orion Sky Map

The Southern Cross:

Southern Cross Sky Map

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-------0-------- Please report any problems by mail to  starstrucknavigation@gmail.comThank you for using StarStruck Navigation.